7. Let some things go - that might include your own sense of your own identity.  


Whenever you make a significant step - or even a great big jump - towards what you want to do next, you have to leave something behind. There just isn't time and energy for it all. Sometimes it even involves moving away from the way you identify yourself - or the way others identify you.

For many people, I suppose I am "that woman who does those tarot decks". But right now, we are thinking seriously about whether we will do any more decks, after the couple that are in the pipeline already. Oddly enough, we always intended, when we began, only to do ten in all, and somehow that still feels right.

You know, I actually want to do more of the Bohemian Cats work - but in a much weirder, wilder way. And that means really focusing on it for a while, finding where it needs to go next. I have a feeling that this means that in another few years I'll be, "that woman who used to do those tarot decks". In a way it makes me very sad. I love tarot, I enjoy all sorts of aspects of it, not least the people we've met through it.
But I want to get back to the Cats - and so does Alex.

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1 comments: to “ 7. Let some things go - that might include your own sense of your own identity.

  • 2:14 PM, September 12, 2008  

    I completely understand this! I was always: that girl/woman who read Tarot.

    Now I'm that woman who *used* to read Tarot, because I am putting all of my creative and intuitive energy into my dream of becoming a full-time novelist. It's tough, because I still love Tarot and still read for myself and close friends, but I simply can't do it for a living any more. It is too draining. This has disappointed some of my ex-regular clients, but I have to follow my own path and allow my identity to change.