16. If you find yourself nodding off while talking about your work – either you’re up far too late or you’re doing the wrong thing.  


I used to nod off in meetings. Well, nearly - I had to try all sorts of tricks to keep myself awake and to stifle the yawns. At one point it got so bad that I seriously wondered if I was developing narcolepsy. Except I was aware that it just about only happened in meetings.

Finally I realised that it must be that I found meetings boring. Stultifyingly dull. Nowadays I never do meetings unless they are essential.

If you find that there is some aspect of your work that inevitably makes you feel tired and bored - try to cut it out. If it's boring you that much you won't be doing it well in any case.

  • Hate paperwork? Make it an aim to get most of it done by someone else - or at least invest in software and setup so that you can spend a lot less time on it.

  • Loathe phone-calls? See if you can do more of it by email.

  • Find building websites a total bore (how could you?) Find a good, reliable web person - perhaps you can even trade with them in some way - and have your site set up so that it doesn't need masses of maintenance by you.
and so on - you get the idea.

Then again, it may be the entire job that bores you to tears. If so, now is the time to begin to plan to do your own thing. Or to change what your "own thing" is. I went from corporate design consultancy to designing cards and bags. And found that this is work that truly engages me - these days I don't nod off.

(the picture is two of our cats sleeping in a box on my desk - I have a permanent box there these days).

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