Why small business can do better than large business during the financial meltdown  


There, I made myself type that phrase, "financial meltdown". I'm not sure if that's what it's going to be - which is I suppose an inane comment as who is sure? But assuming that whatever happens, things are going to get worse not better economically, here are some of the ways that it's better to be running your own business than working in a large corporate at a time like this -

You have control and know the real facts and figures about turnover, profitability

You can change things quickly. Far, far more quickly than any large company can

You know your customers better - and are much more genuinely connected with their needs and choices

You are not saddled with huge overheads and debts.

On that last point, if you are going to start a business now, by choice or by part-necessity, whatever you do don't take on debt. I'll post more about that.

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