Some customers you DON'T want  


One thing you need to face squarely when you're running a studio business is that there are some people who you don't want an on-going customer relationship with - those who just don't like your work that much.

Yes, it's great to expand your audience and clients/customers. But the fact is that there are some people who will never "get" what you do and who, even if they can perhaps be persuaded to buy once, won't ever be all that enthused by it. You know, if you're honest with yourself that "they're just not that into you" - right? Don't waste your energy - and their time - by trying to target those people on the very edges of your natural customer/fan group. Your efforts are far better spent listening to the people who love your work and working out how to make it even better for them.

Don't be afraid to choose your customers so that you genuinely can like, enjoy and feel at ease with them.

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1 comments: to “ Some customers you DON'T want

  • 4:34 PM, November 06, 2009  

    I've been following you blog since I was given the link from a friend and I must say there is some great advice..

    This post being one of them.

    Just be careful if you are starting a business as some of us cant be too picky who wish to have as customers. Thet said, dont chase unprofitable work or work you feel uncomfortable with- your clients will be able to tell the difference as well you know (!)